Monday, 28 January 2008

Johnny Depp has heart of gold

IMAGE:Johnny Depp-Cpt Jack SparrowHollywood actor Johnny Depp sends heartfelt video message to dying boy

Caring Hollywood actor Johnny Depp sent a personal video message to a dying boy in the UK, after hearing he was a big fan of Pirates of the Caribbean.
The actor even went as far as to dress up as his character from the film - Captain Jack Sparrow, to deliver the emotional video message which came via email.

The 8-year-old boy, Mark Westwood, was fighting an aggressive brain tumour, but despite three operations he sadly lost his fight for life.
Paul Robinson, the boy's granddad said that Mark watched the 35 second video email over and over in the final days of his short life.

While Mark was being treated in hospital his parents had become friendly with another couple that also had a sick child.
The two couples supported each other through their sons' treatments. Mark's parents happened to mention that he was a massive 'Pirates of the Caribbean' fan, only to discover that their new friends were pals with Mr Depp.

Shortly afterwards, Sarah (Mark's mother) received the email containing the video from Johnny Depp.

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