Friday, 4 January 2008

Survey says...UH UUH to Murphy and Lohan!

Image:Eddie Murphy - Worst Actor 2007
Eddie Murphy - Worst Actor 2007 - A proud moment.
Eddie Murphy comes out the best of the worst in an online survey of nearly 4 million people.
Mr Murphy's 'performance' in 'Norbit' was how he gained the prestigious title of Worst Male Actor 2007, according to an online poll conducted by AOL Moviefone.
Other awards he collected: Biggest waste of the price of a ticket. (Ouch)

But Eddie wasn't the only one in the firing line. The fur-less fanjita flasher, Lindsay Lohan was representing the ladies as Worst Actress 2007, especially for her performance in 'I Know Who Killed Me'.Image:Lindsay Lohan - Worst Actress 2007
Lindsay Lohan - Worst Actress 2007 - It was the reviews that killed her!

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