Monday, 10 March 2008

Amy Winehouse cash-strapped for cab fare.

IMAGE: Amy Winehouse and cabbieAmy Winehouse can't find cash for cabbie!
Did you know that a drug habit costs a lot of money? Oh, right, okay you knew that one did you.
Well alright then, did you know that the paparazzi could be generous and helpful? Aha, now then.

According to the Daily Mail newspaper, strung out songstress Amy Winehouse didn't have enough money to pay her cab fare home. Once arriving home, the patient cabbie allowed Amy to crawl around her home to find the cash only to have her return empty handed. (see above pic).

Surprisingly (or maybe not, as they were getting great tabloid pics) the photographers that hang around her door, clubbed together and paid the cab fare off for her.
Aww how sweet.

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