Thursday, 5 June 2008

Adnan taking GhalibERTIES!

IMAGE: Britney Spears and Adnan GhalibPeople once doubted the sincerity of Britney Spears' saviour and 'knight in shining Armani' Adnan Ghalib, simply because of his job.

Okay, so the fact that Britney's ex-lover Adnan is part of the paparazzi might set some alarm bells going. I know what you're thinking - aren't the paparazzi the enemy of celebs? Was Britney keeping her friends close but her enemies closer?

In fact the paparazzi and the celebs need each other, to varying degrees, more then the general public may realise. But that's beside the point.

Britney must have picked up on his inner kindness. She must have sensed that despite his job, he wasn't the type of guy to insinuate himself into a high profile celebs life, just to get the best dirt.

So it's only now that Adnan is Brit's ex that it suddenly occurred to him that, maybe, just maybe, there might be some worth in those personal and intimate pics and videos they took as a loving couple. Some might say it could even be career enhancing for a paparazzo to have access to such material!

Well, well. It couldn't have worked out better for Mr Ghalib if it had been (ehem) planned. Although, saying that, not all Mr Ghalib's 'plans' are working out.
I'm sure you were all shocked, dismayed and left in a state of disbelief, when you heard that Mr Ghalib was now allegedly trying to sell a Britney Spears sex tape. Sadly for Adnan, it's not going too well.
Despite what he says, he is having trouble getting 'value for money' for his exclusive tape. And to top it all off, according to MTV, Britney's fans are stepping up to defend her honour by issuing death threats to Mr Ghalib, he even alleges he was stabbed by one furious fan.

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