Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Comedian Carlin dies aged 71

IMAGE: George Carlin sitting on stepsIconic comedian George Carlin dies aged 71 of heart failure.

The controversial, veteran comedian George Carlin has passed away at the age of 71. He died of heart failure.

Never one to fear boundaries, he was famously arrested in Milwaukee in 1972 and charged with "disturbing the peace" for performing his infamous landmark routine "Seven Words You CanIMAGE: George Carlin mugshots Never Say on Television". In which he examined the seven most offensive words in the English language and with comedic skill, dissected their power to shock as an attempt to take away much of their sting.
Later in 1978 a New York radio station was charged for broadcasting Carlin's best-selling recording of "Seven Words".

George tried to explain that "there are no bad words, only bad intentions".
He was very interested in words and drawing a distinction between words and the intentions behind them. He told audiences:

"Don’t get hung up on language, Look instead for the real culprits — cruelty, coercion, abuse of power, prejudice, exploitation."

NY Daily News has a small piece about him in which they publish some of his more well known 'clean' jokes. Demonstrating that despite the decades his career spans his jokes always continue to be relevant, and most importantly, funny.

Check out this video of George Carlin on a 'buzzword' roller-coaster (try to keep up), and witness a fan of words and phrases steaming through a soundbite stampede.

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