Sunday, 20 July 2008

Lily Allen's gift to Perez Hilton

IMAGE: Lily Allen Perez Hilton catfightLily Allen and Perez Hilton battle via their blogs

Isn't the internet wonderful? Helping people communicate and bringing them together, whether they are across the world or even 'worlds apart'.

For instance the gossip blogger Perez Hilton does what he does best and has had a few things to say about Lily Allen for a while now.
If you've ever ventured onto his blog you'll know he likes to illustrate his stories with photos, added to which, his very own artistic slant, to emphasise his point.
See this example of Lily Allen below from his blog.

IMAGE: Lily Allen drunk Perez Hilton editPerez Hilton's touched up pic of Lily Allen 'wasted'

Now, not just anyone can construct these masterpieces. You need extensive knowledge and skill with Photoshop or similar photo editing software. But get this, Perez is not the only one with this amazing artistic talent.

Perez made his art about Lily Allen for HIS blog, and even though she is a big celebrity/pop singer she has taken the time to remember the little people and has returned the favour, by making art about Perez Hilton for HER blog, using Perez's own style.

IMAGE: Perez Hilton by Lily AllenLily Allen's hidden camera shot of Perez Hilton

The interesting part about their war of words (and pictures) is the comments left on Lily's and Perez's battle posts.

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