Thursday, 21 August 2008

Amy Wine'mouth' tooth tattoo!

IMAGE Amy Winehouse tooth tattooAmy Wine'mouth' - Amy Winehouse tooth tattoo

Some people see celebrities as their idols. Some fans name their children after their fave celeb, or even officially change their own name to that of their hero.
Other fans wear t-shirts to show their fanaticism. Some even go as far as to have tattoos of their favourite famous face, to show the world their permanent devotion.

IMAGE: Simon Cowell tooth tattooAnd, then there's those that want to show permanent support, but in an undercover and very discreet way.
These particular folks probably choose to get a tooth tattoo!

I suppose if your hero was Simon Cowell (pictured right), you'd probably want to hide the tattoo out of sight too.

SEE: 'Tattoos for teeth' for details.

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