Saturday, 28 November 2009

Tiger Woods to be questioned over crash.

IMAGE: Tiger Woods MansioonFlorida police outside Tiger Woods mansion - Photo AP

Police in Florida are to question world number one golfer Tiger Woods concerning the car crash he was involved in outside his Windermere, Florida mansion.

Tiger Woods (born Eldrick Woods) crashed his vehicle into a fire hydrant and a tree while attempting to leave his driveway at 2:25 am local time.

His wife Elin Woods was first on the scene after hearing the crash from inside their home. She reportedly used a golf club to break a window of the SUV to rescue her husband. Police arriving at the scene found Mrs Woods on the ground over her unconscious husband attempting to administer first aid.

Police have stated that as far as they can tell alcohol did not play a part in the accident. Woods has been treated and was released from hospital on Friday. According to SportingNews "Police later attempted to talk to Woods, only to be told by his wife that he was sleeping. Investigators agreed to return Saturday."

The BBC Sport news golf correspondent Iain Carter said "The incident raises a lot questions, namely why did it take 12 hours for news of the crash to be in the public domain?"

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