Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Leona Lewis Vs Avicii Vs Penguin Cafe Orchestra

Did Leona Lewis use Avicii's track which used the Penguin Cafe Orchestra's tune?
New single from pop singer Leona Lewis is causing/courting controversy.

Leona Lewis has a new single out called Collide. Taken from her third album. But it seems Leona has 'collided' with Ministry of Sound producer Avicii.

Avicci claims that Leona Lewis' new song is using his latest track Penguin. He claims the piano riff and the beat come directly from his song. Even though he in turn sampled the said piano riff from a track by the Penguin Cafe Orchestra called Perpetuum Mobile (hence the name of his track).

The controversy even sparked a war of words on Twitter, with Avicii first airing his views followed by Leona Lewis responding.

Compare for yourself with the following videos:

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