Sunday, 18 September 2011

Japanese pop group AKB48 has fake member

Japanese Pop star Aimi Eguchi from band AKB48 is unreal - literally!
Japanese pop group AKB48 have fooled fans into believing a new member had joined the group. But you could maybe describe new member Aimi Eguchi as a patchwork quilt of a popstar.

Now we've all heard of pop groups being manufactured but this is ridiculous!

Aimi Eguchi, latest member of Japanese pop group AKB48 only exists in the digital world. She is made up of a composite of 'the best bits' of the other six main members of the band.

A sort of fetching, female Frankenstein's monster I suppose.

Hey wait... is this what the SugarBabes, and En Vogue before them, already did?

Watch this vid for a bit of an explanation. Although not in English, you'll get the idea:

Read more: New Scientist

Also see: AKB48 Official site (English)

Sunday, 4 September 2011

Carlton Banks leads London riots?

Carlton Banks - Possible London riot suspect?
In the aftermath of the riots in the United Kingdom the British police released many images of rioters/looters in the hope that the general public could help to identify some of the culprits.

I'm not sure they were expecting results such as the one in the image above!